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With years of happy customers in their past, Ryan Hartman and the team at Hartman Statewide Construction are experts at building structures that exceed expectations. Ryan knows that no construction company lasts long without being dedicated to integrity and dependability, and every structure his team touches is built to make the customer proud. And, from HVAC to electrical, Hartman Statewide Construction has cultivated strong relationships with area experts who bring the same rock-solid dependability and work ethic to every project. When you build on integrity, you build to last..

We’re a Wick Buildings partner that takes on every job, big or small. With Hartman Statewide Construction, you’ll receive great service from a local, experienced construction provider.



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Get affordable payment options from multiple lenders

Get affordable payment options from multiple lenders

Integrity and experience always make a great foundation

From a simple garage to a complex commercial campus of buildings, we can provide a turn-key solution or shell package to fit your needs.

We specialize in:
  • Agricultural buildings 
  • Accessory storage units 
  • Commercial buildings 
We also build:
  • Riding arenas and stall barns 
  • Machine shops and cold storage 
  • Garages and residential 



Experienced, skilled builders

Wick Buildings consist of a wood-frame structure covered with sheet steel and/or other exterior materials such as brick and block. With the sale of over 70,000 buildings to date, Wick Buildings has steadily grown to become one of the nation’s largest producers of post-frame buildings, including sophisticated animal confinement systems, horse housing facilities, on-farm livestock and storage buildings, suburban structures and professionally engineered commercial and light industrial buildings.



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